LA Walks invites Michael Ronkin to Los Alamos

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Michael Ronkin, a bike and pedestrian planner employed with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), visited Los Alamos March 21-23, 2004.

Mr. Ronkin’s work at ODOT has been guided by his philosophy that it is the responsibility of transportation agencies to provide for the most basic (walking) and efficient (bicycling) forms of transportation; he envisions transportation systems where people’s needs are considered first.

Mr. Ronkin has been offering Bicycle and Pedestrian Design Courses around the US since 1994 in over 35 locations. His background enables him to communicate effectively with engineers, planners, elected officials and citizens.

During his two days in Los Alamos Mr. Ronkin worked with LA Walks, County staff and the public to develop transportation system designs that support the community’s vision of a walkable community. He presented his findings at a reception at the Hilltop House on March 22.

Mr. Ronkin’s current activities include:

Other achievements include:

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