Problem-solving contacts

Pedestrian problems may range from a sidewalk needing simple maintenance, to a badly designed roadway intersection requiring major redesign. Some are easy to fix, some take years. By attacking one problem at a time, we can help to make our community safer and more enjoyable.

When reporting a problem, please take a few minutes to insure that the person getting the report understands the nature of the problem, its severity, and exactly where it's located. In some cases, photographs or maps may be helpful.

You can always send us a message about problems, and we encourage you to let us know even if you have reported the problem to someone else. (E-mail can be copied to By hearing about your problems, LA Walks can identify those that are widespread in the community, and help focus the County's attention on them.

The Los Alamos County website has phone numbers and e-mail links for many of the county departments, and e-mail links for the members of the County Council. The County's Customer Care Center (formerly called the KanDu center) is usually the best place to start. You can also phone them by dialing 311, or 505-662-8333 if you are not within the County; or e-mail them at

Traffic Division call 662-8113 (for problems with streetlights, signals, etc.)
Snow and ice removal - call 662-8397
Animal control - call 662-8222 (for emergency situations dial 911)
Utilities Dept. - call 662-8222 (emergencies/after hours)

For non-emergency situations needing police attention, call the Los Alamos Police Department at 662-8226. The Fire Department's non-emergency number is 667-4055 (For emergencies, dial 911.)

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